Please review the FAQ first. If you have any further questions, please contact us at our email: contact@inreachprep.com

How long will it take to get feedback on my essays?

The longest it will take to hear back from us is one week. However, most edits for essays will be given in 4-5 days. For essays 250 and under, edits will usually take 2-4 days. This is dependent on each individual tutor’s availability and workload. If you need an essay sooner, we offer a 24 hour turnaround service for an additional $10 fee.

How will mentors be assigned?

After providing us with a brief summary about yourself, we will assign a mentor who has the most relevant experience and similar professional aspirations to give you the most personalized advice. We have mentors in a variety of disciplines ranging from engineering to pre-med to pre-law to philosophy.

How will video chats be scheduled?

Video chats will be scheduled directly with your mentor and will depend on your and their availability. We ask that you are punctual for your scheduled sessions and that cancellations be made at least a day in advance.

Will you write our essays for us?

No. We are here to guide you through this process and offer our expertise. We want your essays to be your words and show your own creativity and style.

What happens if we want more edits for our essay than we originally paid for?

If you feel your essay needs more edits, we ask that you speak to your mentor about having more edits. Your balance will be increased accordingly.

What happens if we want additional video chats to go over our essays?

We offer three add-on packages ranging from 1-3 extra video chats with mentors. This will be added on to your original chosen package of edits.

Can we go over multiple essays in one 1 hour session?

Feel free to review multiple essays in one hour! We will try our best to go through essays with the same depth and detail.

Will our essays and other private information be confidential?

Yes. Privacy is a large priority of InReach Prep. Your personal information or essays will not be shared with a third-party without your explicit permission. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.

If I am from a low income household, do you provide discounted services?

Yes. Depending on your financial situation, we offer all services listed discounted or free of charge. If you are from a low income family; are Pell Grant Eligible; are applying through QuestBridge; have qualified for fee waivers from CommonApp, Coalition, College Board, or the ACT; are on free/reduced lunch; are from a Title I school; or otherwise fit these circumstances, please reach out to us through our contact form or fill out this form. International and domestic students are welcome to inquire about discounted or pro bono services. All communications and/or payment will be through email. Per our privacy policy, we do not disclose who our clients are or any information they reveal to us. We know this is a daunting process and would like to support you any way we can.

Do you work with international students?

Yes! We want everyone, regardless of location, to succeed. Please reach out through the contact form to schedule an initial consultation.