Black Lives Matter.

As an Asian-American startup, InReach stands in solidarity with the Black community. To support Black Lives Matter, we will be contributing 100% of our profits to Black Lives Matter organizations.

At InReach, we are outraged and disappointed at the continued killing of Black people by the police. The deaths of Black people are the result of a broken system built off of white supremacy, an ideology ingrained in America. From the names we know—George Floyd, Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery—to the countless others we do not know, the murder of Black people has existed since the birth of America. This must stop now.

We encourage everyone to educate themselves about racism and privilege to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Whether this means contacting your representatives, protesting, donating, or starting conversations with loved ones, Black Lives Matter applies to all of us. Silence and inaction only perpetrate the continued discrimination.

From an education viewpoint, we urge students to take action in their school districts through contacting administration and teachers to review their curriculum, honor the diversity of their students, and promote works written by Black scholars. In promoting a more culturally inclusive curriculum that shines light on Black voices, we are one step forward towards defeating explicit and implicit racism.

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