What information is shared and how is it used?

When you sign up to use our services, only mentors with InReach Prep will see your information. This includes identifying information (name, email address), payment information for our payment processing service, and postsecondary interests for college advising. 

Your email address will be primarily used for sending essays, scheduling video calls, and other general correspondence. After you have worked with us, a survey will be sent as your review of our services. With your consent, we may publish your testimony on our website.

We never sell data to third parties. Except for our payment processing service, we never share data with third parties. 


Who sees my essays?

Only mentors with InReach Prep will be able to see your essays. In addition, personal information will only be collected for the intention of payment processing and reviewing your essays in context. By signing up on this site for our services, you agree to these uses of your personal details.